Massageredskaber / -tilbehør


Få hjælp til at gøre massagen dybere og endnu mere behagelig med massageredskaber. Vi har sugekopper, massage Roller og andre remedier til den perfekte massage.

Baby Massagedukke

This doll has been created especially for demonstrating infant massage.
The doll can make all the anatomical movements possible of a baby,
and its weight makes it realistic.

The doll is machine or hand washable in cold water. For washing machines it is recommended that a bag for delicate garments be used.
The trunk and extremities are stuffed with small sacks of polystyrene balls.
There is a plug in the head to stop these balls displacing whilst spinning.

It is advisable to drip dry the doll instead of using a tumble dryer.

This doll has been lovingly created by Anna Bachs with belief that infant massage instructors will be able to work very naturally with it.
Due to its baby like characteristics and our experience to date, we can assure you that with time it is possible to bond with the doll in a way that will help transmit our messages in a more natural way.

Composition--- material: 70% cotton, 30% nylon.
Stuffing: acrylic wadding and acrylic balls (1mm diameter)
Weight-------- 2.000kg Length--------  58cm.


Kr. 1.600,00

Enhed: 1 Stk.